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Christian Links

Here you will find my favorite Christian links!

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Does Joyce need a description? lol. Great collection of articles, Prayer line, teaching tapes, tour dates, etc.



Focus on the Family

Full of great articles on parenting, and family life from a Christian perspective



Real Families feat. Kevin Leman

Awesome author of books: New Birth Order Book, What a Difference a Daddy Makes, Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down, Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, and the tremendous book, Making Sense of the Men in Your Life (Life changing book, folks!)



Dayspring Cards

Tons of e-Cards to send to your friends. Funny ones, sad ones, sweet ones, comforting ones  ...



Adoption Blessings Newsletter

Free Christian newsletter mailed right to your home. Founded by an Adoptee, this newsletter features uplifting adoption stories from the Christian perspective. A must have!



A Jewel Amoung Jewels

Christian Adoption Ministry founded by an Adoptee/Author/Speaker. Great source of articles and information for all touched by adoption



Veggie Tales

Who doesn't love these cuddly Veggies? Saturday morning cartoon meets Sunday morning values


Reverend Fun

Christian comics that will crack you up!

Click the toon above! 


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries

Sign up for his "Word for Today" - I have been getting it for a year now. He's got a real gift for teaching others through life's everyday experiences.



Bible Gateway

Find any verse in the Bible - Easy! I love this site! Search by keywords or scripture.



Cross Search

Looking for something? Here's a Christian search engine



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