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When a child is relinquished for adoption, the birth parents are not the only ones to grieve. The birth grandparents grieve the loss of a grandchild, as well as hurt for their hurting children. Please, if you have anything to submit for this page, please do so! I'm troubled that I couldn't offer more for you, but sadly, there seems to be such little support for Lifegrandmothers. I dedicate this page to my Mom, who has been a tremendous support to me.

supporting lifegrandmas & great grandmas

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Your Role?

What is your role as Birth Grandparent?

Letting Go

One birth grandma's story

Small Portions

A birth grandma's beautiful poem

Grandparents e-List

Email list for birth grandparents

Daughters of Zion

A christian-based workbook for Birthmoms & their Moms to do together. Written by Birthmom author Courtney Frey, and her Mom. Excellent!

My Child is a Mother

A true and happy story of open adoption, told by the mother of a teenage birthmother. This courageous family discovered that "in open adoption there are no strangers, only friends."

Celebrating Mothers. Offering support, resources, and compassion to Lifemothers. Founded by Lifemother, Skye Hardwick, Lifemothers strives to be a safe haven for all Lifemoms; regardless of age, or contact with child. Lifemothers: because a birthmother's role does not end at 'birth', but continues for life!

new & needed
Needed: girls, I so need your stories and book reviews! Come on, let's hear those voices of yours!

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved." -Helen Keller

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