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To Give You The Stars

Author: Dawn

I would give you the moon
If I thought that I could
I'd give you all the stars
If that was what it took
To show my love for you

But the moon for me, like you
Is just out of my reach
And you don't need the stars
For you yourself are a star
Oh I love you little one I love you

There's a world out there I want you to have
Full of love compassion tenderness & care
Though I have that love, it's not all you need
They can give you a world that I know I can't
So I give them to you to show you my love

They are your moon and your stars
You, my little one are their sun
That is the world I have given you
That is what I have done
To show my love for you my precious little one.


Copyright 2003 Dawn - Do not use without permission


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