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Why not grab yourself a soothing cup of piping hot java (or maybe some vanilla coke on ice), slip on some fuzzy slippers, and enjoy your visit here at Lifemothers!

All triad members are welcomed to, but please remember this is a resource site for Lifemoms and the information you will find within this site was created to support, uplift, encourage and inform them first and foremost.

What's a Lifemother?

What is this term Lifemother? Is it to be feared, loved? What does it stand for?

Read Skye Hardwick's (creater & founder of Article:

"Why I Chose Lifemother"

to read more on what 'Lifemother' means to her and why she prefers it over birthmother!

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All content (including Skye's writings) Copyright 2002-2009 Skye Hardwick

founder Offering support, resources, and compassion to all birthmoms. Founded by, Skye Hardwick, Skye is Lifemom to Emily & Mom to Isaiah. She is a writer for Adoption Today Magazine as well as other involvements in the adoption community. To read more about Skye: About Skye

lifemother news

News: Due Skye's schedule, Lifemothers has no updates planned, but the possibility isn't ruled out. She does hope that Lifemothers will continue to be a wonderful resource for other lifemothers, and plans on keeping around for a long time! is her contact email.


Joyce M. Pavao says: "A child, after all, clearly understands that there can be many mothers and fathers. People may have multiple grandmothers and grandfathers, a godmother, and godfather, a stepmother or stepfather--and they may also have a birthmother and birth father. In all adoptions, legal and emotional, it is the roles, not the labels, that must be most carefully defined for the child." -- From the book, The Family of Adoption

Jim Gritter says: "If we carry out a system that delights adoptive parents and works for most of the children, but in the process destroys birthparents--where is the joy? Who can call that sort of outcome satisfactory? When will we learn that we are all in this together and that diminishing any one of us diminishes us all? We are never made larger by permitting others to be made smaller. The effort to elevate the status of birthparents need not in any way detract from the importance of adoptive parents."

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